Social conscience as a service

Iyanu trains, recruits, and places Nigeria’s top engineers with startup/mid-market companies.
Iyanu is committed to increasing global diversity in the workforce through
the use of technology.

Why Iyanu ?

Iyanu is your one stop shop for all of your recruitment needs. We work with you to find the best talent for your business needs.

Why Iyanu ?

Tech-savvy or not, we know how to deal with your needs. Our technical project managers make sure we understand your needs and translate them into specs for developers.

Our Tech Stack

We have developers skilled in a multitude of languages. Our core stacks are Javascript (React.js, Angular.js), Python, PHP, iOS and Android. We also have the ability to support additional technologies including Java, DevOps, depending on scope and availability.

We make it easy to scale your team - on demand.

Calling all Hiring Managers, we’re here to help

We’re looking for amazing talent, self-trained or experienced

Our Clients

They are people and organizations with ambitious missions. They want to unleash the power of
software for their cause or business. We help them envisage, design and deliver. Here are some recent examples.

Ready to tap into global talent?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Simply put your contact information and your request will be sent to
one of our Ambassadors who can better get you on track to a sustainable scaling operation.