Iyanu provides a highly skilled remotely distributed workforce. We fill positions from data scientists to full stack engineers.

Our Mission

Iyanu is an international employment distribution platform connecting International Technology businesses with African engineers and design experts. We aim to provide the highest quality affordable services to our client businesses, while simultaneously providing meaningful work opportunities for our African partners through the implementation of a social impact model. Our model prioritizes sustainable well-paying work to empower African youth in technology and Africa’s emergent technology sector as a whole.

Iyanu Is a Team of Multi-Skilled Software Engineers and Designers Across Africa

Why Choose Us

Close to our hearts, is a mission to connect a generation of knowledge workers to
opportunity. We’re creating a true digital economy, starting with software development.

THE 99.5%

By creating remote training and remote jobs, we are able to reach a larger pool of talent including female engineers, who otherwise would not have been able to work or receive training due to responsibilities and commitments at home.

The world is changing, and we have to change with it. It is now time to let diversity and inclusion be the guiding factor when scaling up your company. At Iyanu, we strive to do exactly that. Our mission is to allow global participation in the workforce which creates a united nation for all.

We make it easy to scale your team - on demand.

Calling all Hiring Managers, we’re here to help

We’re looking for amazing talent, self-trained or experienced